Music & Vocal Contracting

At Ten Two Six, we specialize in vocal contracting as well as any rhythm section needs you might have. We will choose and tailor the singers/musicians for each session based on the specific needs for your project. We have connections with every major studio in Nashville and can book a studio if you need that as well. We also have a wonderful connection for you in booking an orchestra as well. Please check out out our Partners page for more info on “Nashville Music Scoring”






Music & Vocal Production

On many occasions, clients come to town and have a specific vision and don’t quite know how to translate exactly what they are looking for. And sometimes, don’t know where to begin. We can help you! We have the ability to not only book your sessions, but we can lead the group, produce the vocals and even produce the rhythm sessions if needed. We can also provide copy work and have all of your charts prepped and ready to go. Check out our Partners page and David Shipps Music. For full arranging and production needs, please check out David Wise music on our Partners page as well! 



Live Performance |BGVs 

With Nashville as our hub, there are many opportunities for live BGVS. We are here to help you book vocals for your upcoming tour or LIVE event. We can even train the singers and teach them all the needed music so when they show up, they are ready to go!